Climbing – popular sport in Gastein with lots of adrenaline

Marvelous. Spectacular. Via ferrata climbs at the Schlossalm in Bad Hofgastein

Gastein’s via ferrata climbs promise exhilarating adventures: vertical rock faces secured by permanent safety features, including rope bridges and ladders. Rocky ascents assisted by steel cables. Each unique and special in its own way, sure to bring out your inner mountaineer. One thing they all have in common: glorious views of the Hohe Tauern peaks. Bad Hofgastein, in particular, offers countless climbing opportunities. Also a perfect way to combine hiking with a bit of rock climbing. The via ferratas come one after another. With hiking paths providing ready access to the Schlossalm mountain station whenever you wish.

Routes and practice tips for rock jocks and rookies

All of the via ferratas are secured by means of steel cables and manmade footholds of various kinds. Probably the most scenic of them all, and all of our team at Appartementhaus AURORA as well as partner hotel “DerSALZBURGERHOF” would agree, is the “Hirschinger” climb. It is rare to encounter views as spectacular as these. The climb on the Mauskarspitze is relatively new. A short, intermediate climb with a number of steep passages. A highlight is the 30 meters-long rope bridge located in the middle of the via ferrata. If you would like to practice a bit beforehand, at the mountain lift station on the Kleine Scharte you will find an excellent course where you can work on the basics of safe climbing, as you will an instructional path at the climbing center. The ideal warm-up before setting out on a real via ferrata.