Snowshoeing. Sampler lessons and numerous trails.

Led by guides or out on your own.

White snow crunching beneath your shoes. Snow piled up on the pine branches. A gentle breeze. Snow crystals forming imposing shapes. Icicles in the sunshine as radiant as diamonds. Out and about amid wonderful nature. Time. Tranquility. Soaking up nature. Drawing strength. Following fascinating tracks in the snow. Walking down untouched pathways, blanketed in magnificent white snow. Far removed from everything you have seen in Gastein Valley so far. The biggest nature sanctuary in the Alpine world. Simply give it a try. During an introductory snowshoe tour. Book a guided expedition, or set out “under your own steam”.

Dorfgastein Snowshoe Trail – from the Fulseck to the mid-station

Enthusiastic guides will lead you out through the snowy winter countryside of Hohe Tauern National Park. Showing you how to use your snowshoes, and poles, correctly. You will easily be able to make your way up- and downhill in the deep snow. In fact, even novices will feel like they are floating on the snow. Once you have a bit more experience, you might want to check out our new snowshoe trail running from the Fulseck to the lift mid-station.