Your Team at Appartementhaus AURORA and partner hotel “DerSALZBURGERHOF”

We have personality, charm, and are always on our toes. We are local, authentic, have a good sense of humor, and we love our work. Together, providing top service for our guests. We love to tell you where we personally love to spend time in Gastein Valley. Share our experiences, secret tips and our favorite dishes from head chefs kitchen. Every member of our team gives their very best for the Appartementhaus AURORA and hotel “DerSALZBURGERHOF”. Our team consists of as many as 22 permanent employees, adding a very special spirit as well as a sense of vibrant Salzburg hospitality and friendliness.

Because every detail counts …

… a heartfelt welcome at the reception desk and always obliging, unobtrusive service. We would like to introduce you to just a few of the employees that embody the heart & soul of our establishment:

Martin Wagner – general manager of the hotel, a man with a true passion for his role as a host, and the person to contact with all of your wishes, suggestions and questions.

Heidi Elbe – the spirit of her team permeates the entire hotel, doing everything in their power to guarantee the most beautiful holiday imaginable for you here at “DerSALZBURGERHOF”.

The Chef – the kind of head chef you can only dream of. He and his team give you a culinary pampering, and are always available to cater to your personal special wishes.

Balasz Szalai – our head waiter and his team will do everything in their power to give you the dining experience you wish for. That includes offering you a selection of homemade liqueurs and select Austrian wines.

Suzana Stipanovic – one of the many hardworking ladies who are constantly focused on insuring that your room is clean and comfortable.

Duby Dramac: He and his colleagues guarantee that all the technology is running smoothly, and that no problems crop up to interfere with your well-earned vacation.

Martin Wagner and his entire team look forward to your visit.