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Location & Directions

How to travel to us

Arrival by car

Drive as far as roundabout “Süd” and take the Pyrkerstrasse exit (M-Preis store). From there, keep straight on the road until you stand in front of a bollard restricting access to the pedestrian zone.  Call us from there at +43 6432 6210, and we will lower the bollard for you, allowing you to drive right up to the front door of the Appartementhaus Aurora (Right across from the church), where you can unload your suitcases and check in conveniently. When you are arriving or departing, you are permitted to enter the pedestrian zone.

Our reception at Appartementhaus AURORA is not continuously staffed. If that happens, you can reach us between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. at our partner hotel Blü (just 100 m away). Not to worry: Your car won’t bother anybody parked at the entrance. Then, we will explain to you where you can leave your car for the duration of your stay. Until then, the motto is quite simply: unwind, arrive. There is plenty of time for everything else.

The team of Appartementhaus AURORA as well as our partner hotel BLÜ wish you a pleasant and safe trip here! And remember: Be cleverer than your GPS. Trust our directions!

Arrival by train

Enter. Get out relaxed. Going on vacation by train, of course. An inexpensive way to start your vacation in an environmentally friendly way.
MOBILITO at the Bischofshofen train station, the mobility center for the municipalities in the region, supports you with all the information you need about your train journey to Pongau.
You can book all train tickets and seat reservations directly at MOBILITO.
You can get competent advice for your vacation schedule, cheap train fares, reservations or door-to-door luggage by phone at +43 6462/330 30 33 or by email at
or at or directly at +43 6432 6210 or