Hiking in Gastein – Alpine Summers in Salzburger Land

Mountains of opportunities. For families, active outdoor athletes, and casual explorers.

Now’s the time to head up to our alpine pastures. Experience whole new impressions. Recharge our batteries. Breathe in the clear mountain air. Hike below the rugged mountaintops of Gastein Valley. Around the crystal-clear alpine tarns of the Hohe Tauern. Tranquility that captivates. Step after step. That slight burn in your calves. Just one more bend before the hut. The smell of fresh bread in your nose. And you’ve made it: set down your rucksack, slide onto a bench, and reenergize with the help of delicious country snacks.

Hiking in every season – “DerSALZBURGERHOF” knows the hotspots

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Tell us what you would like to experience in Gastein. Here with us, there is always something going on. Down in the valley and up in the mountains. We will recommend hiking routes to you that the locals enjoy as well, from May to October. We will provide complete details and share some of our favorite spots with you. Whether you are in top physical shape, prefer to take things a little easier, or are a bit out of practice: We know the routes and the most beautiful hotspots in Gastein. We will find the right route for everyone, plus we have hiking maps available for you to borrow. All you need to do is lace up your boots and decide where you are heading today.

If you wish to rent out sporting gear of any kind, we can recommend some outstanding local businesses to you.

Hotspots and hiking tours in summer from “DerSALZBURGERHOF”

Stubnerkogel – Glocknerblick – Graukogel

On the Stubnerkogel – Bad Gastein

This tour begins in Bad Gastein. Ride the lifts either up the Graukogel or the Stubnerkogel. If you want to begin your expedition with a few butterflies in your tummy, you might venture across the suspension footbridge just a few meters from the mountain restaurant, leading across to a transmitter station. 140 meters long. And just one meter wide. And you can see right through it into the depths below. For adventurers, this gently swaying cable construction is an exciting experience. Absolutely safe, of course, it treats you to magnificent views, actually breaking two records simultaneously: It can be crossed year-round, plus it’s the first suspension bridge located at 2300 meters above sea level. Even more memorable mountain experiences are offered by the Glocknerblick viewing platform and the “Rock Path”. If you wish to venture even higher still, with sturdy boots on your feet and good hiking gear you can ride the Goldbergbahn lift up to the Sportgastein ski area and explore the hiking paths up there.

Glocknerblick Viewing Platform – Bad Gastein

Holiday moments that will even take children’s breaths away. On the Glocknerblick viewing platform. The name says it all. The sight of the king of the Hohe Tauern mountains is uniquely beautiful. The Grossglockner. 3,798 m high, an astonishing sight that enthralls everyone. Though the platform itself is incredibly impressive. Built almost exclusively out of steel and wood, seven meters in diameter, it treats visitors to spectacular views. Of the mountain world, as well as the depths beneath your feet – with the help of grate openings in the floor. There is so much to discover. With your family. With friends. In groups, or perhaps with your wedding party.

The Stubnerkogel “Rock Path”

The Stubnerkogel “Rock Path” is designed as a walking loop. The start and finish are located close to the mountain station of the Stubnerkogel lift. It begins around 400 meters to the south, at an elevation of 2,217 meters. The path leads you through areas of steep, craggy rock, to a scenic lookout point at roughly the same elevation. From there, a short hiking path completes the circuit, returning you to the Stubnerkogel.

From hut to hut

Alpine Summer in Salzburger Land is legendary. When the land is filled with fragrances, flowers and the babble of streams. In forests. On meadows. Alongside mountain streams and tarns. A time for enjoyable hikes. A time to experience vivid colors and the views across mountains and valleys. Begin the season in the valley, on foot or by bike. Accompany cattle as they return to summer grazing in the mountains. Follow paths and trails, up to the mountain huts. Treat yourself to culinary specialties, traditional snacks, bacon and cheese made right there at the hut. Accompanied by freshly baked farmhouse bread, spreads and a gulp of fresh, still-warm milk from the cows out on the meadow, or perhaps some fruity cider. Discover the countless treasures and secrets of an Alpine Summer.

Pine Magic on the Graukogel

The Graukogel is easy to reach from Bad Gastein. It is famous for its especially beautiful and old, in some cases almost 400-years -ld, pine trees. Named “Tree of the Year” in 2011. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind fragrance of these trees. During a 45-minute walk, directly from the mountain station of the Graukogel lift. At a number of idyllic places, you will find unique seats created out of pine wood. Ideal for a short break. And there’s nowhere better to rest than on a big outdoor pine bed. The wood of the pine tree has extremely positive side effects, It lowers the heartbeat. Allowing you to truly relax. Check it out for yourself.

GPS Data for Your Hike

For technology-loving hikers, we have the GPS tracks you will need for your GPS device or mobile phone. Armed with complete information about your tour, including the elevation profile, route map and pictures, it is easy to select a tour that’s perfect for you.